I have been working as a Personal Trainer for over 16 years now. Through these years I have accumulated a wealth of qualifications, knowledge and most of all experience coaching and guiding my clients to reaching their goals.

Whether you want to change your body composition, (fat loss, muscle gain/maintenance), increase strength, improve cardiovascular health, or you just want to reduce stress, improve general well-being and just feel good about yourself.

My ethos is that Personal Training should be for everyone, not just for people who are already in good shape or have a good level of strength and stamina from previous training.

Personal Training is much more than simply getting in shape for your holidays or that special occasion. It’s about taking control of your own health and wellbeing so you can get the best out of life, doing all the things you want with renewed vitality.

I also believe that developing a good working relationship with your trainer and building trust is very important.

Each individual is different in many ways so it’s about adaptability and working in synergy together to achieve the desired results. The clients I train range from young adults, the middle aged, right through to clients in their 80’s.

Exercise should not discriminate and everyone should have the right to feel confident and happy in their body.

So if you would like to train with me in a fun and relaxed environment, get in touch and let me guide you through the proper training and nutritional strategies needed to get the results you really want.