I have been working with Richie for over four years, with a focus on getting stronger. When I started I already had a basic understanding of training and nutrition but really needed help to work out what I should be doing as everyone was telling me different things. With his many years of experience he was able to set me up with a really effective programme to work on, and some nutritional guidelines to help support my goals. As my strength grew I decided I wanted to challenge myself further and compete in powerlifting competitions, not the most obvious choice for a five foot, size 6, 40+ female, but he was fully supportive of my decision! I’ve been competing now for several years, and at times held both Scottish and British records at my weight class.

I really enjoy working with Richie for a number of reasons; he takes time to understand each client individually and combine their likes and dislikes with tailored solutions to help meet their goals.

He encourages me to have a balanced mind-set, thinking about training as just one aspect of my life, that should not dominate at the expense of other areas. I used to get really stressed out and over analyse every little thing and constantly question if I was training right, eating right, could do more, should do less…you get the idea! With his help I’ve learned to be more accepting of the journey and take a long term view of my health and fitness, both mental and physical. Achieving balance is key and he will ensure he puts you on the right path to achieve that.

I think from a technical perspective the experience of training so many different people in his long career means he can adapt either a session or a programme when its recognised that it might be better to do something a bit different. That pool of experience in training different people with different goals is crucial, as everyone responds differently.

When I think of how our sessions are, it makes me smile, I really look forward to each and every one. Richie is a ray of sunshine after a bad day at work, and eases the days stress out of me. I always leave feeling so much better than when I started. With that in mind I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for personal training because of both his technical knowledge and also the fact that it’s a pleasure to spend time in his company.

Liz Hill

Richie is simply the best.

I have been training with Richie for 4 years and during that time his experience and professional advice has helped me to lose weight and most of all keep it off , as well as improving my overall general health and fitness.
His nutritional advice is as important as his training advice. He is always there to challenge me but in a positive way, so I know it is always within my reach – with some effort on my part of course.

I know he is always there for advice and listens to me but pushes me when I need it.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Richie to anyone. He is qualified, experienced, innovative and sessions with him are never boring and the results speak for themselves.

Mike Reid

Personal training with Richie helped me turn my life around for the better. Full stop. I came to PT having seen the benefits in other people, but otherwise, a total skeptic that it would help me achieve the general goal of ‘improving my fitness’. My interests were solely in being ‘fitter’ to be better at my life, increasing my strength, looking good in my clothes, and weighing in at a proper weight for my height. I was not training for a marathon, triathlon or any organized sport.

The first session with Richie was a discussion about goal setting, establishing my level of fitness, and settling on a training plan. In the first actual PT session, I quickly realized that my body had never seen a proper day of fitness in its whole adult life. Over a period of one year, Richie slowly (and painstakingly) helped me develop all over body strength. He adapts the training, during the session, to the body’s reaction to exercise or lifting. Using a combination of strength, cardio and resistance training, he coaches your body into fitness. At the end of each session, I feel tried and tested, but not beat on. I do not either look like one big muscle.

He is knowledgeable, supportive, creative and encouraging, but firm and exacting. His sessions take into account that you might be having an off-day, dealing with work and life stressors, be feeling lazy or be feeling unstoppable!

Richie’s approach has motivated me to train on my own, learn to listen to my body, and recognize when to maintain or progress my training. In addition to PT, he shares advice from the current literature and teachings to aid you in achieving your goals. I use his recommended programs for my own training sessions; they are tailored to my body’s fitness, my mindset and the time I have carved out to train. It took a while to adjust to this support outside of the gym, but it has been such a bonus to have his regular feedback and insight. Training has been such an unexpectedly beautiful experience.

Richie’s focus on technique helps your body and your mind fully engage in the process. I have experienced many an epiphany and cathartic moments doing deadlifts (aka, ‘the crying machine’), not out of pain or frustration but rather seeing what I can achieve when I am in sync. That being said, the only failure in this whole process has been in achieving my goal of ‘looking good in my clothes.’ Nothing fits, which is its own (good) problem.

I think if you are not knowledgeable about how to train, what you are doing, and how to adapt your exercises, you can fail miserably and most certainly injure yourself without a PT. I have wasted a lot of money on gym memberships over the years by signing up and never actually stepping back into the gym for fear of looking dumb, or worse running on the treadmills for hours and hours and hours of sheer boredom with no results. I am really glad to have trained with Richie’s expertise to guide my journey back to health and wellness.

Gemma Hunter

I have trained with Richie for around three years and moved with him to his new premises within “Move Freely”. Richie is not just an excellent personal trainer (which he most assuredly is), he is also a very companionable bloke to spend an hour with.

Richie strives to support his clients to achieve their goals. Mine is always to keep my weight in check and that weigh-in with him on a Friday morning really does help. He also gives good nutritional advice and if you follow him on Facebook, he regularly posts interesting, no-nonsense, articles for one to consider.

I can honestly say that Richie has kept me in good shape these last few years. I look forward to my sessions with him and always enjoy them.

The set up at “Move Freely” is great. No membership fee, just me and Richie (and sometimes Dan and his client) in a small but well equipped space. What more does a person need?

Ian Macnicol

Richie is as experienced a PT as you will find anywhere in Edinburgh. Always adding to his knowledge he tailors every plan specifically to the changing needs and abilities of his clients. I’ve been with him for nearly 5 years and benefited enormously from his training expertise and his nutritional advice.

I know Richie will be upfront and always explain things so we are on the same page and he always keeps me focussed on improvement stage by stage. He switches things around to keep it interesting and combines motivation with keeping it real. If you want a PT who will bring out the best in you and get you from where you are to where you want to be…..RPT is the right choice.

Martin Henry.

Richie has transformed my strength, fitness and confidence – he’s a great trainer, and a lot of fun to work with

As a woman I was unsure about working with a man, but Richie put me at my ease immediately, and has been incredibly supportive, particularly as I have a few health issues.   He challenges me, but is also sensitive to how I am feeling – both physically and emotionally.

I am 50 and have only just started training with Richie.  I was very unsure about what I would be able to achieve because of my age, but Richie has never seen this as a barrier, and with his calm encouragement I am now fitter than I was in my 20’s

Cathy Anderson

To be honest, I’d always been a bit sceptical about personal training. I’d been regularly exercising for a good number of years and liked to think that I knew my way around a gym. I’d always enjoyed exercising, was pretty motivated and wasn’t afraid of a bit of sweat. Surely I didn’t need to be shelling out money for a personal trainer when I could do a perfectly good job of training myself?

I had my epiphany during a bout of illness when I was attempting to continue training at my pre- illness level and consequently making myself weaker in the process. It was at this point I had to admit defeat and accept some help in getting back some degree of fitness and health. Fortunately, help was at hand and I couldn’t have asked for better qualified and able than Richie.

We started right back at the beginning and began to gradually building up strength, technique, speed and flexibility and overall well-being. He takes an overall balanced view of health, so it’s not just about the sessions you spend with him at the gym, but also what you do when you’re not. I wasn’t overally concerned about the externals, although it’s definitely a lovely bonus when people start telling you that you look much healthier and your body feels and looks fit for purpose: more about achieving and sustaining good health.

A few months in and I feel and look fitter than I’ve ever been. I know that I’d never have got to this point on my own. It’s completely down to Richie, his vast knowledge in many different aspects of fitness and nutrition areas, his infinite patience and his ability to get the best out of people.

Melanie Riley.

Richie took on the unenviable task as my personal trainer. In the short period from September to December and due to solely Richie’s motivation, I have achieved a better level of fitness in 4 months than I had in the past 10 years.

His methodology is simple – he understands his clients and works with them. It is a good partnership and achieves results.

He is a patient coach. His humour is engaging and helps you get over those recalcitrant moments.

I have recommended Richie to work colleagues and the story is the same – a great trainer and motivator, gets the results if you are willing to put in the work required.

Without hesitation I would recommend Richie as a personal trainer.

Stephen Lyons.